2.1 TIME AND PLACE OF MEETINGS. A meeting of the Association shall take place at least once each year. Meetings shall be held at the principal office of the Association or at such other suitable place and time convenient to the members as may be designated by the Board of Directors. Notice of any required annual or special meeting shall be provided as set forth in Section 2.3 below.

2.2 SPECIAL MEETINGS. The President may call special meetings. In addition, it shall be the duty of the President to call a special meeting of the Association if so directed by resolution of the Board of Directors or upon a petition signed by at least ten percent (10%) of the Owners. The notice of any special meeting shall state the date, time, and place of such meeting and the purpose thereof. No business shall be transacted at a special meeting, except as stated in the notice.
2.3 NOTICE OF MEETINGS. The Secretary shall mail or to cause to be delivered to the Owner of each Lot (as shown in the records of the Association) a notice of each annual or special meeting of the Association stating the time and place where it is to be held and the purpose thereof. If an Owner wishes notice to be given at an address other than the Lot, the Owner shall designate by notice in writing to the Secretary such other address. The mailing or delivery of a notice of meeting in the manner provided in this Section shall be considered service of notice. Notices shall be served not less than fourteen (14) nor more than sixty (60) days before a meeting.

2.4 WAIVER OF NOTICE. Waiver of notice of a meeting of the members shall be deemed the equivalent of proper notice. Any member may, in writing, waive notice of any meeting of the members, either before or after such meeting. Attendance at a meeting by a member, whether in person or by proxy, shall be deemed waiver by such member of notice of the time, date, and place thereof, unless such member specifically objects to lack of proper notice at the time the meeting is called to order.

2.5 ADJOURNMENT OF MEETINGS. If any meetings of the Association cannot be held because a quorum is not present, a majority of the members who are present at such meeting, either in person or by proxy, may adjourn the meeting to a time not less than five (5) nor more than thirty (30) days from the time the original meeting was called. At such adjourned meeting at which a quorum is present, any business which might have been transacted at the meeting originally called may be transacted without further notice.

2.6 VOTING. The voting rights of the members shall be as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and the Declaration, and such voting rights are specifically incorporated herein.

2.7 PROXIES. At all meetings of members, each member may vote in person or by proxy. All proxies shall be in writing, dated, and filed with the Secretary before the appointed time of each meeting. Every proxy shall be revocable and shall automatically cease upon conveyance by the member of such member's Lot, or upon receipt of notice by the Secretary of the death or judicially declared incompetence of a member, or of written revocation, or upon the expiration of eleven (11) months from the date of the proxy.

2.8 QUORUM. The presence, in person or by proxy, of thirty-four percent (34%) twenty percent (20%) of the Owners shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Association. The members present at a duly called meeting at which a quorum is present may continue to do business until adjournment, notwithstanding the withdrawal of members leaving less than a quorum.
(Amended on 3/15/2005)