Marchini Meadows Homeowners Association 
Homeowners Meeting Minutes/notes (town hall)
December 10. 2020


1) Call Meeting to Order - 7:00 PM (Eric)

  1. Welcome/General Announcements Only Board member present Stephanie, two other owners attended. 
  2. Counting of proxies/sign in (75 homes x 20%=15 needed for quorum) only 3 members present, no quorum so a town hall was held only, no votes were taken. 

2) Reading/Approval of Minutes from last Annual Meeting  - December 12, 2019

  1. No quorum so only a town hall was held, no minutes taken

3) Property Manager’s Report (Michael and Eydie)

  1. Manager’s Report/Review Issues
  2. Monthly Site Inspections/Observations/Other Mgt Issues
  3. Reserve study conducted

4) Treasurer's Report Ending November 2020 (Michael and Eydie) 

  1. Review of Association Year-to-date and Current Financials
  2. 2020 Operating Budget/Maintenance Fees (Review As Required)
  3. Reserve Account Status

5) Old Business

  1. Review of 2020 projects (algae and vegetation clearing from path, replanting of tree hit by car)
  2. Repairs/Painting/Staining of community fencing still on hold, hoping to paint in 2021 once final fence is repaired
  3. Bark planned for 2021 as part of reserve study
  4. Reserve study conducted in 2020
  5. Other Old Business

6) New Business

  1. Review and Ratification of 2021 Budget--automatically ratifies without 51% negative vote.
  2. Nomination from floor and election for new board members-- no vote could be taken, directors stay on until their replacements are found
  3. Other New Business (All)

7)  Open Forum

8)  Next BOD Meeting: Immediately following this meeting

9)  Next HOA Meeting:  4th quarter 2020, date TBD

10) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting (Eric)

11) BOD meeting immediately follows to do any needed appointments and elect officers for the upcoming year